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Dr. Alexander Haskell

Dr. Alexander Haskell, ND

Illness is considered by most physicians to be a natural process of ageing.

It is not!

It occurs from the culmination of physical and emotional insults, subconscious beliefs and fears, suppression of symptoms using synthetic chemicals, nutrient deficiencies, the accumulation of toxins, and silent unremitting infections.

So no matter what the symptoms or condition you are suffering from there are always causes.

To put it simply, if you address and remove these causes then your innate miraculous capacity to heal will bring you back to a state of health and vitality.

At Clear Health Centers our specialty is investigating these causes and to address and remove them.

We provide services and therapies which focus on these causes including nutritional advice, purification therapies (saunas, colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic hydrotherapy and intermittent fasting) and intravenous solutions (nutritional IVs, oxidative therapies including the Zotzmann, UBI and the UVLRx.

Before you begin to search our site we want to highlight several essential Truths which apply to every person.

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Lori Clayton, LMT, HHC, LCH

innate capacity to heal
Every individual possesses a miraculous innate capacity to heal.

This Truth is nothing new.  It has been the guiding principle of many great physicians throughout the ages.

The question then is, ‘If this is true, that we do possess this inner wisdom to heal (and we are certain that we do), then why do we become ill?’

We believe that the natural state of every human being is physical and mental health and that illness is an aberration due to various causes.

We believe the first, most important step is to not only recognize this divinity within but to develop a personal, respectful and loving relationship with it.

This power, this wisdom, call it the soul or spirit, must become every person’s guiding principle.

The next step is to understand how this innate intelligence communicates to us, which on the physical level is through symptoms.

It also communicates to us through our intuition, instincts and common sense.

Developing a more intimate relationship with our inner wisdom, or inner physician, requires greater self-awareness and mindfulness.

chronic fatigue
So what are some of the reasons we develop symptoms and illness?

And remember that symptoms are being communicated to our conscious mind that something is not right, something is out of balance.

Treatment must therefore not simply treat the symptoms but address these causes.

Over 2,000 years ago Hippocrates said there were primarily two causes for chronic disease.

One is nutritional deficiencies and the other is our exposure to environmental toxins.

The first cause makes a lot of sense.

If our cells do not receive the nutrients they require for optimal health then naturally our cells will decline in their function resulting in a wide variety of symptoms including fatigue, poor concentration, depression, poor elimination and others.

Using nature to cure
In terms of nutrition we must first realize that our body is composed of Earth’s elements.

All that we have consumed has miraculously become the body we live in.

From the physical perspective, what we consume we become.

From the spiritual perspective, what we think we also become.

Toxins cause disease
Then there is the 2nd cause of symptoms related to our surrounding environment.

Imagine a dirty aquarium and the effect this has upon the fish.

As human beings we have never lived in such a polluted environment as we do today.

Toxins enter us through our lungs, intestines and skin and even a healthy body struggles with clearing these toxic residues.

Over time they accumulate and obviously have a negative effect upon our health and vitality.

If we ever hope to recover our health we must reduce our exposure to environmental toxins while simultaneously engage in a variety of purification therapies.

Pathogens cause chronic illnesses
In the time of Hippocrates we had no idea of the germ theory.

Yet every day we may be exposed to a variety of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites.

Normally we can handle this because of a highly sophisticated immune system.

Yet when our health declines and we become more susceptible we may be unable to keep them in check.

Decades ago a French researcher by the name of Antoine Beauchamp said in relation to illness that it’s not the pathogen but the terrain (cellular & tissue susceptibility) that leads to their overpopulation and accompanying symptoms.

Divinity within to cure
In summary, the overall approach no matter what you are suffering from must take into account the following;

You alone possess the innate capacity to heal.

Deep within you resides health.  Symptoms are simply external layers surrounding this core of wellness.

First, supply the nutrients required for the optimal functioning of all the cells of the body and brain.

In this case you must remove from your diet foods which have little nutrient content while replacing them with nutrient rich foods including fresh organic low-glycemic juices.

Second, and simultaneously, use various purification therapies to assist your body to rid itself of toxic residues.  These are listed in the navigation bar.

Some people would also benefit from our intravenous solutions which support the pathways of elimination and detoxification.

Third, consider that some symptoms may be related to silent infections.

These can be assessed through lab testing and viewing a tiny drop of your blood under a darkfield microscope.

Alternative medicine cure
So this is our approach, what we offer to the public at Clear Health Centers.

Please take a look around our site for more detailed information and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Please note that we have additional information about IV NAD on our other website

Please note that Dr. Haskell is a member of The Utah Association of Naturopathic Physician.

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