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Chelation Therapy



There are three types of IV chelation therapies.

For arterial plaque which often has the underlying cause of inflammation and infection, the Disodium form of EDTA is used.

Part of the plaque is also a composite of minerals and heavy metals which DS-EDTA addresses.

Then there’s the Calcium EDTA which is similar to the DS form but chelates or removes heavy metals in general and is a much more rapid administration.

DMPS chelation has a strong affinity for mercury and can be combined yet delivered separately with the two other EDTAs.

Numerous research articles and clinical testimonies from doctors attest to the many benefits of chelation including improved circulation, stamina, brain function and energy to name a few.

These chelation IVs can also be combined with ozone with the blood ozone treatment being first followed by either of the EDTA chelators.

This combination has been termed by Frank Shallenberger as Chezone.

Myers Cocktail

Chelation Materials Used

All material are sterile and single-use only.

All IV solutions are either from a compounding or a more traditional pharmacy. 

We use both EDTA and DMPS in our IV chelation therapy protocol.

Body Detox

Chelation Session

The amount of chelation solution depends upon each individual’s age, weight and kidney health so before any session of chelation is scheduled we must request blood labs to check kidney function. 

The approximate charge for this panel is $40. 

You will likely be asked to take a kidney drainage formula, an enzyme (Nattokinase) and minerals. 

The DiSodium EDTA session lasts approximately 3 hours. 

The Calcium EDTA session is approximately 1 hour. 

The DMPS chelation is about 30-45 minutes.

Please call our clinic for pricing.

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