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Designed and clinically researched by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D. this IV therapy has proven its benefits for many cardiovascular, circulatory, degenerative and chronic conditions related to poor oxygenation of tissues.

‘Hypoxia’ or low oxygen availability indirectly leads to excess free radical production.

Although the biochemistry is a bit complicated, ozone aids the recycling of NADH to NAD which is a molecule involving the utilization of oxygen to make energy. 

Ozone therapy produces ‘ozonides’ which increase NAD.

Ozone also indirectly increases the activity of an enzyme (2,3DPG) in red cells allowing the protein (hemoglobin) to more easily release oxygen into tissues, thus increased oxygen delivery to tissues. 

When combined with EDTA chelation we recognize the following results; Less viscosity of blood which means better circulation Increased oxygen delivery Improved endothelial function Decreased vasospasm with magnesium added to chelation reduced infected vulnerable plaque Improved oxygen utilization.

Myers Cocktail

Chezone Materials Used

All material are sterile and single-use only.

All IV solutions are either from a compounding or a more traditional pharmacy.

The exact concentration of ozone used for the MAH part is essential. 

We use the precision of the Zotzmann generator from Germany.

Chezone Session

The amount of EDTA solution depends upon each individual’s age, weight and kidney health.

Before any appointment is made for Chezone a blood test is required (BUN & creatinine) which helps in calculating the amount of EDTA to be used.

The Chezone session begins with the MAH or Major AutoHemotherapy ozone treatment followed by the EDTA chelation.

The entire session lasts approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. Cost $225.

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