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Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing Programs

The environment within our intestines plays a vital role in our health and the optimal functioning of all our cells and organs.

Colon hydrotherapy is one of our core purification therapies which is essential for the reduction of unwanted bacteria and parasites, for the restoration of the natural bio-flora and the removal of residual waste products that has adhered to our intestinal wall for years and decades.

We also offer an array of add-ons to complement and improve upon our ‘Classic’ colon hydrotherapy session.

colon hydrotherapy parasites

Parasites Can Cause Chronic Physical & Mental Issues

Parasites primarily inhabit our upper and lower intestines and thrive upon various nutrients in our food, especially iron and vitamin B12.

Some even attach to the wall of the intestines to extract nutrients from our blood.

Their waste secretions pass through the intestinal wall to act systemically producing a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms including;

  • weight loss
  • weight gain
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • chronic fatigue
  • weakness
  • various abdominal symptoms
  • and many more.

Generally our culture and medical profession consider parasite infestations as a Third World issue yet it is far from it.

Over the last 30 years we have used various labs for ova and parasitology stool testing with inconsistent results meaning that clients with obvious parasite symptoms tested negative.

When these people were placed on our parasite program and we heard their stories, and even photographs, about what they saw in the toilet we decided to turn away from conventional stool testing and proceeded to recommend our program based upon a client’s history and symptoms, with a little help or confirmation from EAV electro-accupuncture assessment.

We will not go into the details of our 18-day lunar cycle program but suffice it to say that it includes the following;

  • MMS (chlorine dioxide & HCl) oral drops and enemas
  • Oral castor oil capsules
  • Neem
  • Prescript Assist (soil-based probiotic)
  • Depending upon which parasites exist various, highly-effective anti-parasite prescriptions.

We couple our colon hydrotherapy into this program to assist the body’s excretion of dead parasites and cysts and to lessen uncomfortable symptoms from dying parasites.

To learn more simply call us and ask for our clinical director.

colon hydrotherapy SLC

Our Classic Colon Hydrotherapy Session

Classic Colon Session: 60 minutes $70

Using our closed colon hydrotherapy unit, gentle warm water is slowly introduced through a sterile speculum into the first section of the colon. 

At the appropriate time, water and waste are released from the colon to pass through an illuminated glass viewing tube for inspection.

This same in-and-out flow is repeated many times during the session to reach higher and higher points within the colon. 

All water used for this therapy is quadruple filtered for purity.

Our colon session is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience since the added benefits include cleansing of the blood and an increase in the vitality of all internal organs.

At the end of each ‘Classic’ session we provide two capsules of an oral, soil-based probiotic.

We offer discounts when purchasing a series of ‘Classic’ colonics after your first treatment.

Series of 3: $195
Series of 5: $320
Series of 7: $455
Series of 10: $650

colon hydrotherapy vibration machine

Pre-Colon Hydrotherapy Enhancement

Whole Body Vibration

10 minutes: $20

Before each colon hydrotherapy session we recommend standing on our Vibration Machine to gently shake every cell and organ of the body, to loosen attached residues in the colon and to stimulate lymph flow.

This therapy facilitates the elimination of bowel waste during the colon session which follows immediately afterwards.

Massage, Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology

50 minutes: $65

Any of the above or a combination thereof is available depending upon the wishes and needs of each client.

What you desire will be discussed with our therapist at the time of your session.

The idea of having a session before a colonic is that the more relaxed your body is the more beneficial and productive will be your colon session.

colon hydro wheatgrass

Post Colon Hydrotherapy Add-ons

Ozonated Filtered Water: We’ve seen many remarkable benefits when finishing a colon session with ozonated water. 

Parasites and other foreign invaders in the colon thrive in a low oxygen environment. 

The combination of oxygen and ozone will kill any foreign organisms which should not be in the colon. 

We’ve got the photos to prove it!! ($10)

colonics woman

Who Benefits from Colon Hydrotherapy

The environment of our intestines has a tremendous influence on how we feel and can be the underlying cause of many complex health issues which cannot be resolved with pharmaceuticals or supplements.

Some common complaints which can be greatly helped with colon hydrotherapy are the following;

Liver Issues
Poor Appetite
Abdominal Bloating
Poor Sleep
Bad Breath
Coated Tongue
Mental Fog
Poor Circulation

colon hydrotherapy sterile

How Many Colonics?

Even though one colonic will be helpful it can never be sufficient to cleanse the colon. 

We truly believe that a series of colon sessions should be scheduled.

But before this, set an appointment with one of our colon therapists who will take into account your condition and recommend specific herbs and supplements which will enhance the benefits of this therapy.

She will also help you to design a nutritional program which is specific to your needs and lifestyle and will cover which foods to include in your diet and which to eliminate. ($70)

A series of up to 8-10 colon sessions is best with the first 3 colonics taking place over a 7-10 day period. 

After that we recommend 1-2 per week since the ecology and health of your intestines are improving from the supplements and nutritional recommendations.

We will certainly work with each person since their needs may be more immediate and wishing for more rapid results and benefits.

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