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lymphatic constitutional hydrotherapy

Constitutional Hydrotherapy


Drains the swamp of the lymph system of toxic residues.

The hot compress to the chest and abdomen brings blood, nutrients and oxygen to underlying organs including the liver.

The cold compress pushes toxins out of underlying organs.

Hot and cold compresses applied to the back and spine affect abdominal organs through the nervous system.

Increases liberation of white blood cells into the circulation.

Sine wave machine gently stimulates muscle contraction and relaxation to assist with lymphatic pumping.

Heat is relaxing while cold is tonifying.


All-cotton towel compresses are placed in hot water and cold water.

Sine Wave machine.


The person undresses from the waist up and lies on their back.

A hot compress is placed on the chest and abdomen from the neck down to the pubic bone and then covered with a blanket for 5 minutes.

Then the hot compress is replaced by a cold compress over the same area, covered with a blanket for 10 minutes.

During this time the pads of the Sine Wave machine are placed between the upper back and the table to gently stimulate muscle contraction and relaxation, thus the pumping of lymphatics.

The person turns over and the same procedure is done with hot and cold compresses along the entire spine.

Total time is approximately 45 minutes.



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