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glutathione vial

Glutathione Push

Glutathione has many wonderful properties including an antioxidant.

For the glutathione push, we use only sterile and single-use syringes and butterflies.

Our glutathione is compounded by McGuff Pharmaceuticals in Los Angeles.

Straight glutathione is delivered directly from a sterile syringe into a vein. 

The typical initial amount delivered is 600mgs or 3cc.

Cost for 600mg is $40.

Cost for 1,200mg is $65.

Glutathione Benefits

Glutathione plays a crucial role in our immune response, DNA repair, and the detoxification process to neutralize drugs, chemicals, radiation, metabolic wastes, and other toxins.

It helps with chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, environmental sensitivities, autism, and more.

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