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NAD IV Therapy

We have been using IV NAD therapy for about 8 years to help people recover from side-effects and addictions to pharmaceuticals and various drugs.

We have found NAD to be the most effective therapy for the restoration of physical and mental health, but over the years we know that NAD by itself is not enough. 

We do provide NAD IV Therapy by itself as a single package which will be presented below.

We have other IV NAD packages which include other IVs and therapies which will also be covered.

Before we introduce those packages please consider the following.

All drugs have side-effects and lead to addictions because of one primary reason.

Drugs enter our cells and influence their function.  Normally the drug is then excreted but leave trace residues behind.

These residues have a negative effect upon the function of small organelles inside our cells called mitochondria leading to a wide variety of unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. 

Mitochondria produce energy or ATP which drives the function of the cell.

These residues eventually cause what is termed mitochondrial dysfunction which is the primary cause for drug side-effects, difficulty with stopping medications and withdrawal symptoms.

NAD simply and elegantly ‘feeds’ our mitochondria to increase cellular function throughout the body and brain.

With this increase in function our cells are now strong enough to expel all drug and environmental toxic residues from within.

Yet it is foolish or naive to think that NAD is a cure-all, that all you have to do is sit in a chair and receive ten NAD IVs and all your physical and mental symptoms will disappear, and that you will be your old self again.

It just doesn’t work that way.

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NAD IV Therapy Overview

NAD IV therapy is huge and we are just beginning to understand its full potential, not only for the recovery from addictions but for many chronic illnesses.

Yet there is much more that needs to be considered and addressed to get the maximum benefits from this therapy.

Here are a few things to consider.

  • People are prescribed drugs because they are having physical and/or mental symptoms.  We believe there are always underlying causes for symptoms and very likely the physician who wrote the prescription did not do a thorough job of determining these causes using various lab tests and a good medical history.  Therefore there is a great likelihood these underlying causes still exist AND must be addressed otherwise the NAD therapy will be only partially effective.
  • Everyone has some degree of nutrient deficiencies (vitamins, minerals & amino acids).  These deficiencies are very often another cause for physical and mental symptoms.
  • Besides drug residues there are many other toxins which have accumulated inside your cells over your lifetime.  These could be herbicides, pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, mold, etc. and NAD will also promote their expulsion from inside all your cells.
  • Many people have chronic low-grade silent infections and don’t even know it.  Bacteria, viruses and molds secrete their waste called biotoxins or exotoxins which also affects the interior of our cells.  NAD not only improves immune function but will help cells to excrete these waste products from within.  Yet NAD will not reduce these pathogens.  Other therapies must be employed.
  • As cells excrete these residues they must then be cleared from the body through a number of detoxification pathways (liver, kidneys, gall bladder & skin).  If these are compromised, and whose aren’t, then the toxins being flushed from your cells during the NAD IV are going to circulate around and around until they are likely redeposited right back inside your cells.

All the above must considered if you expect to receive the very best results from NAD IV Therapy.

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The Origin of NAD IV Therapy

NAD was originally formulated and used in IV therapy by William Hitt.

Dr. Haskell was fortunate to visit Hitt’s clinic around 10 years ago to understand how NAD worked and to interview clients having treatments.  Almost all of them said Hit saved their lives and were extremely grateful.

He was a kind and caring man, and devoted to research and always in the process of improving his formulations.

Hitt passed away about 8 years ago and willed his NAD formulas to his wife who then, after searching for a reputable compounding pharmacy, turned these formulas over to Anazao in Florida.

Dr. Haskell has been using IV NAD for the past 7 years.

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