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Organic Juice: The Fountain of Youth

So we’ve identified the following…

All of us are suffering because our cells are deficient in nutrients.

None of us are able to digest our food completely or easily assimilate nutrients into the body.

All our cells have become, to differing degrees, toxic in part because our cells are not strong enough to eliminate their residues.

Due to our lowered vitality we have become susceptible to pathogens; bacteria, spirochetes, viruses and molds.

So the first step is to ramp up the energy of our cells by providing them the nutrients they require to function optimally.

The easiest nutrients to absorb are those which do not require a lot of digestive juices.

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These would be organic juices rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Now a lot of ill people have blood sugar dysregulation meaning they have difficulty with maintaining even blood glucose levels.

Either their blood glucose goes too high or it easily slips into low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, primarily from adrenal fatigue.

So it is important to use primarily vegetables with a low glycemic index (above the ground leafy veges rather than under the ground root veges and fruits).

Yet two things should be considered.

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Most ill people are filled with free radicals, toxic chemicals and their own metabolic waste products.

To neutralize these we need to consume juices or foods rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C which our body is unable to produce on its own.

And since fruits like oranges have fructose we must consume them in a particular way to avoid blood sugar issues.

Juicing an orange removes the fiber.  If we drink orange juice we absorb the fructose through the gut more rapidly as compared with eating the orange.

We want to avoid a rapid increase in blood glucose.

We absolutely need the vitamin C so eat the whole orange.

For more vitamin C add a whole lemon when you are juicing vegetables.  The lemon juice and bioflavonoids in the peel will also reduce oxidation of the juice so it will stay fresh longer.

But juice, even though the vitamins and minerals will easily be absorbed, do not provide the full and complete spectrum of all the nutrient our cells require.



One of the most important nutrients is cholesterol because it is absolutely required by the cells of our glands to make all the steroid hormones, all the male and female hormones as well as those made by our adrenals.

Proteins are also required for making hormones, neurotransmitters, for repairing tissues, for the metabolism and excretion of toxins and are the building blocks of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

So consider this.

As a nutritional program for strengthening the foundation of your health drink low glycemic organic juices through the day.

Include a whole lemon for every 12 ounce glass of juice.

Eat a whole orange several times a day or any fruit rich in C.

Include one meal a day of animal protein and a salad.  Likely lunch or dinner would be the better choice.

The reason why we recommend one meal a day is this.

If you were to drink nothing but juice your cells will begin to rapidly eliminate toxins.

One reason for this is because your cellular energy is increasing and will begin kicking out toxins.

The other reason is this.

Since juice has very little fructose and glucose (low glycemic) your body will call upon fat cells to convert fat into glucose in order to maintain normal blood glucose levels, and fat cells have a lot of stored toxic residues.  When fat is liberated to make glucose out come the toxins as well.

Yet your systems of breaking down these toxins and eliminating them (liver, kidneys & intestines) are not strong enough to do this efficiently and you will therefore experience pretty severe detox symptoms.

I will continue with the next section under the drop down ‘CLEANSE PROGRAMS’ and the link ‘Saunas’ or you can click ‘Saunas’ here.

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