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Lyme Disease: Our Personalized Approach

People diagnosed with Lyme present with a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms, some which are common and others which are unique to the individual.

Absolutely everyone with Lyme has other underlying issues beside the Lyme spirochete which are often not investigated, discovered or addressed by physicians.

Directing therapies which focus solely on Lyme often leads to frustration with only partial relief because the other causes are not being addressed, issues such as improving the host’s immune function and gut ecology, helping the body to excrete stored waste and toxins and ensuring optimal vitamin, mineral and protein status.

To ensure the best outcome for each person, here are the steps we take with each client.

lab testing for Lyme

Lyme Disease: Initial Steps

People normally contact us by phone for information and to ask questions. 

After your questions are answered and you wish to continue we then forward you our intake questionnaire to be completed and returned.

We also request that all labs from the last six months to a year be forwarded as well since we need to be sure that various biochemical and hormonal parameters are optimal, .

Dr. Haskell will then review your answers to the questionnaire in relation to your lab results and, if specific labs are missing, then someone from our clinic will call you to explain which labs have not been done and why they are important.

You will learn more about all the labs which included in our program in a section below.

Once we have all the labs you will then be scheduled with Dr. Haskell for your first appointment which lasts a little over an hour.

Mold and Lyme

Microscope detecting Lyme

Investigating Other Underlying Issues

The first consultation with Dr. Haskell has several objectives.

To understand the details of symptoms, when they began, what makes them better or worse and the factors that may have precipitated them.

Haskell is searching for etiologies in addition to spirochetes which includes nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, mold and viral issues, and environmental factors.

To investigate interference fields or what might be stressing your autonomic nervous system includes dental issues, scars, tonsils, appendix and disturbances within the intestinal tract including yeast, bacteria and parasites.

To view a partial drop of blood under a dark-field microscope helps to clarify white blood cell activity, the appearance of biofilm and the population of pathogens including bacteria (spirochetes), viral issues and mold.

By the way, viruses are too small to see under a microscope but white blood cells have a distinct shape.

Using EAV (acupuncture microcurrent evaluation) assesses the health of detoxification pathways including the small and large intestines, liver, kidneys and skin.

A review of nutrition, digestive capabilities and assimilation issues.

Taking all the above into consideration, Haskell will review your lab results to determine biochemical and hormone imbalances.

Haskell will design a program that suits each person. This includes all our intravenous and purification therapies as well as supplements.

Since each person’s program will be different and because some people must first address underlying issues before attacking the Lyme spirochetes, we thought it best to simply list all the therapies we offer or would be chosen from.

Intravenous Lyme Therapies

Intravenous Therapies for Lyme & Other Issues

Silver Hydrosol is our main IV therapy for Lyme.  It consists of at least eight IV treatments either daily or separated by a day, starting with 40cc all the way up to 960cc.  During this time silver is also used orally and in the eyes, and if there are corresponding symptoms, in the sinuses and ears.

UBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is the ozone and and UV light treatment of 60cc of a person’s blood.  When there are co-infections such as viruses and mold, this IV therapy may be interspersed with the Silver Hydrosol IVs.

Zotzmann Ozone unit from Germany is used when other bacterial pathogens are present in addition to spirochetes.  During a single sitting about 2,000cc of blood is treated with ozone which destroys most of the bacteria in the blood, and does a pretty good job on viruses and mold as well.  The first Z treatment may not be 2,000cc but rather a small amount since if there are a lot of bacteria we don’t want to cause a severe aggravation from the die-off.

Vitamin C can be used in low doses (5-15 grams) when a person’s immune system or white blood cell activity is low.  Higher doses (20-75 grams) not only supports the immune system but is lethal to pathogens.  We often must start with a couple of vitamin C IVs before we us the above therapies because it’s vital that the immune system is able to handle the die-off.

Alpha Lipoic Acid delivered intravenously improves liver function, increases the activity of mitochondria inside cells and is a great systemic antioxidant which most people with any chronic condition are deficient in.

Curcumin, delivered IV, is great at cooling any inflammatory condition and naturally helps with pain.

Plaquex is rich in phospholipids and helps to repair cellular membranes which have been damaged by reactive oxygen species secreted by pathogens and also caused by various environmental toxins.

Calcium EDTA is a heavy metal chelator which can be useful in some situations but very seldom would be used in the initial phase of treatment.

Myers’ Cocktail is a quick push of various nutrients into the vein.

Nutrient IVs are mixed based upon the needs and lab results of each client.

Lyme and SaunasOur Walk-In Dry Sauna

Lymph and LymeLymphatic Hydrotherapy

Colonics & LymeOur Closed Colon Hydrotherapy Unit

Lyme Therapy using the BemerThe Bemer

Purification Therapies for Lyme & Other Issues

If you ever expect to recover your health completely it is essential to remove toxins from the cells of the body which have accumulated over years and decades. 

These toxins come from our environment and from the waste or biotoxins excreted by various pathogens including spirochetes.

Saunas: Spirochetes, other bacteria, viruses and molds excrete their waste products into your system and since our body is unable to excrete them all, it shunts them into the least important cells, our fat cells, just under the skin called the sub-dermal fat layer.

This is true for other toxins as well which we’ve been exposed to over our lifetime.  This accumulation reduces our health and vitality and makes all the cells and tissues susceptible to illness creating a wide range of symptoms.

The easiest way to remove these toxins from fat cells is through perspiration, and so saunas are one of the most important purification therapies.

Lymphatic Drainage:  There are three compartments in the body where fluids are found.  The first is the blood, the second inside cells and the third is lymph which bathes all the cells and tissues of the body.

Most people’s lymph system is like a swamp filled with toxic residues and even pathogens.

And when cells try to detoxify, to rid toxins from the inside, these are excreted into the lymph, and if the lymph isn’t flowing well then these toxins will remain in the body.

An old time naturopathic therapy is Lymphatic Hydrotherapy, the use of hot and cold compresses to the chest and abdomen, and to the back. 

Coupled with sine wave we are stimulating the lymphatic pump to clear toxins which then flow into the blood stream. 

Lymphatic Hydrotherapy helps to drain the swamp and the removal of waste and toxic residues.

Colon Hydrotherapy:  Beside the kidneys and skin the major organ of detoxification is the liver.

As the liver filters toxins out of the blood they are then shunted to the gall bladder and the small intestines. 

The faster we can eliminate these toxins through the stool the less likely they are to be reabsorbed back into the body.

Colon hydrotherapy is an effective way to aid the body to clear toxins and the exotoxins secreted by pathogens.

With killing off pathogens (bacteria, viruses and mold) we often don’t feel well because their by-products and waste circulate through our blood stream and lymph, and place a huge burden upon the liver.

You can learn more about colon hydrotherapy by clicking it in the upper navigation bar.

Bemer:  We spoke earlier about the importance of clearing toxins from the lymph.

In Alfred Pischinger’s book on the Extracellular Matrix he includes the area around the smallest blood vessels called the capillaries. 

If blood flow through these capillaries is compromised then waste is not able to be taken up and cleared.

Surrounding the beginning of each tiny capillary is a muscle and for several reasons this muscle can be tight, which decreases blood flow causing poor oxygen delivery to tissues and decreased clearance of toxins.

The Bemer is specifically designed to relax these pre-capillary muscles (sphincters) to improve oxygenation and the removal of toxic residues.

Lyme and Blood Lab Testing

Lyme & Lab Testing

Depending upon your answers to the intake questionnaire Haskell may request some labs to clarify any biochemical and hormonal imbalances underlying or causing your symptoms.

Not all physical and mental symptoms are due to Lyme.

Here is a partial list of come of the labs Haskell may consider.

If these have already been done then we will not ask for them to be repeated.


Glucose Fasting

HA1c: To know the average blood sugar over the last 3 months.  This can point towards a tendency for high blood sugar or low blood sugar.

Complete Blood Count for red and white blood cells

Vitamin D

Liver enzymes

Kidney function

Ferritin for the body’s total iron stores

C-Reactive Protein to determine systemic inflammation

Copper & Zinc to be sure these are in the right proportion

Whole Blood Histamine: Based upon the work of William Walsh and Carl Pfeiffer for determining under and over methylation.

Lipids since cholesterol is an essential nutrient for the production of all our steroid hormones like estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol.

Thyroid Hormones (TSH, T4, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, and both thyroid antibodies)


Estradiol for women and sometimes for men

Progesterone for women and sometimes for men

Cortisol levels by checking four saliva samples through the day


Routine analysis from LabCorp




Herbs for Lyme

Lyme, Nutrition & Supplements

Besides the consultation with Haskell you will also meet with our nutritionist for an hour who will provide specific details about important nutritional changes.

This advice is linked with Dr. Haskell’s suggestions and summary from your first consultation.

Supplements & Herbs

We have a large dispensary of products which focus on the immune system, replenishment of nutrient deficiencies, gut health, supporting all our purification therapies, the elimination of environmental toxins from the body, and complementing all the IV solutions and oxidative therapies.

NAD IV Therapy for LymeNAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy

One barrier to recovering from Lyme is a history of drug use, whether it’s pharmaceuticals or illicit.

The reason for this is because all drugs leave their residues behind in our cells and cause what is termed mitochondrial dysfunction.

This dysfunction causes a decline in the function of all our cells and leads to a myriad of physical and mental symptoms.

Not until these drug residues are removed will the person ever feel healthy and well, even though their spirochete count is normal.

This mitochondrial dysfunction can also occur from our exposure to a wide variety of environmental toxins which also find their way into our cells.

You cannot successfully treat Lyme and feel well unless you get these residues out of your cells and out of your body.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV therapy is the only way out.

You can learn more about this therapy by clicking here.

Please note that the next section which covers costs does not include the NAD IV therapy.

Lyme Naturopathic Doctor

Cost of Our Lyme Program

We don’t have a set program for each person.

The cost will depend upon the severity of a person’s symptoms and what other underlying issues exist aside from the Lyme infection.

Generally speaking, here is a breakdown of some expenses.

  • Consultation with Dr. Haskell, usually an hour to an hour and a half $250
  • Most IVs are averaging $150.
  • Zotzmann Ozone 10-Pass (1.5 to 2 hours) $400
  • The cost of lab testing will all depend upon what labs you’ve had done and what labs are missing.

We can try to provide more specific information if you would like to speak with one of our staff.

We Believe in Empowering Our Clients Through Education & By Providing Therapies Which Assist Their Own Innate Capacity To Heal

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