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Mold therapies

Mold Infections

Some people are more susceptible to mold and have a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms.

  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Allergies
  • Sensitivity to fragrances
  • Hypothyroid-like symptoms

These symptoms can be from a present and even a past exposure to molds in the home especially when a basement has a history of flooding.

For some, even moving into a mold free home does not bring complete relief and must then be considered a chronic infection requiring specific treatments.

mold infection

First Step with Mold Conditions

It is obvious that the first step is to determine if you are still being exposed to molds in your home and workplace because no matter what therapies you are using to reduce the body’s burden of mold they will never be effective.

I have been told by several people who hired mold remediation companies to test their home for molds that they were given clear mold assessments only later to find mold behind a wall.

If the company determines there is mold then this is conclusive but if they say mold doesn’t exist this doesn’t mean your home is mold free.

Two options are 1) go to and use their test strips.  I find they are accurate in determining which room may be a hot spot for molds though the test doesn’t identify the mold and 2) see if you have someone in your area using dogs to sniff out molds.

For this go to

One family got a report that their home was clear of molds. They hired someone with a ‘mold dog’ and found nine places where mold was found behind the walls.

Microscope detecting mold in blood

Diagnosing Mold Issues

When presenting symptoms to a physician seldom will your condition be attributed to molds.

Blood and urine diagnostic testing is expensive and not always accurate.

We find viewing a person’s blood under a dark-field microscope does show mold though identification of the type of mold is not possible.

The degree or quantity is usually accurate and the various forms of mold are visible.

Kill Spores Mold in Home

Our Approach to Mold

Our approach is pretty straight forward and effective yet often there are other health issues besides mold which must be taken into consideration as well.

When a person comes with mold issues they often ask why no one else in the family is sick.

This is because the ill person is susceptible to molds for a number of reasons so part of our approach must be to reduce their susceptibility while treating them for molds.


We consider a mold infection to be similar to a Candida issue and following a Candida diet is most helpful.

Various diets are easily found online and in a number of books on Candida.


Liver function must be improved.  We recommend a liposomal form of reduced glutathione at 300mgs twice daily.

Often the gall bladder and liver need drainage herbs.  The best we have found is Dr. Shade’s Bitters #9 which is a combination of dandelion, milk thistle, solidago, gentian, burdock, sweet orange essential oil, myrrh, juniper essential oil and cloves.

The neurological system as well as the Blood Brain Barrier must be strengthened.  We recommend a high quality liposomal Phosphatidyl Choline supplement taken with meals.

Mold disrupts an important defense mechanism inside our cells (Nrf2) which suppresses the ability all the cells of our body and brain to detoxify.  To upregulate this Rnf2 pathway use liposomal DIM (sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables) at 2 pumps twice daily for a week and then 3 pumps twice daily.

For inflammation and anti-oxidant support use liposomal curcumin and resveratrol at 1 tsp 2-3 times daily.

If Candida is suspected, usually due to the excess use of antibiotics, then there is a whole supplement protocol for this but start with using gymnemic acid extract from the plant Gymnema sylvestre at 1,200mg twice daily.  This deals with both Candida and other fungi including Aspergillus.

Support every cell of the body with the nutrients required to make energy (ATP) in the mitochondria. Use the liposomal Methyl B-complex which also contains the water soluble folic acid (folinic acid).

Use Nano Silver from Food for Health if there is a sinus issue.  You can rinse the sinus or use it in a nebulizer.

A homeopathic preparation made from molds will help reduce mold sensitivities and speed up your recovery.  HMV and Bio-Allers are two products.

When a person suffers from anxiety and their brain feels revved up (wired but tired) then they are stuck in a hyperactive sympathetic mode.  Liposomal GABA and L-Theanine will shift this disequilibrium by supporting the parasympathetic branch of the Autonomic Nervous System.


These are a must and will help to rid the body of mold residues through the skin.

These should be done at least 3 times weekly.

We use ozone saunas in our clinic because ozone kills mold and other pathogens and will penetrate through the skin when it’s moist with perspiration.


Sunbathe when it’s not too hot.

Do this 20 minutes a day because mold and fungi are very sensitive to specific UV frequencies.

Zotzmann IV Ozone

Reduce Molds with IV Therapy

A specific IV therapy protocol has proven to be the most effective way to reduce mold in the blood and body.

Since mold is sensitive to both ozone and specific UV frequencies we follow the protocol below.

First we use the Zotzmann ozone generator from Germany which treats approximately 1/2 the blood of the body.

Blood is drawn from the vein through an IV line into a sterile 200cc glass vacutainer, is then mixed with a specific concentration of ozone and returned through the line back into the vein.

This is a completely sterile procedure.

This mixing of ozone and blood is repeated ten times at the same sitting and requires about 1.5 to 2 hours.

After this ten pass we then do an IV drip through the same line of approximately 20 grams of vitamin C with magnesium and calcium.

All the above is included in the Zotzmann treatment.

High dose IV vitamin C

Mold UBI and H2O2

Our ultraviolet blood therapy is coupled with our Zotzmann ozone therapy.

Most clinics treat between 60 and 100cc of blood at a time with UBI.

Since we do the UBI coupled with our Zotzmann unit, we treat approximately 400cc of blood at a single sitting.

In some cases we use hydrogen peroxide which is similar to ozone with both therapies being oxidative.

We mix H2O2 with DMSO so the action of the peroxide can penetrate deeper into tissues and the protective biofilm which often exists with most pathogens.

We also use intravenous vitamin C, sometimes in moderate doses and sometimes high gram doses up to 50,000 milligrams.

A dark field evaluation of these therapies is done approximately every two to three weeks to monitor progress.

It is difficult to know how many weeks are needed to clear the mold but usually during the first microscope examination we should have a reasonable idea.

In order to receive the high dose vitamin C you will be required to do a lab test called G6PD.  If ordered through our clinic the cost is $75.

Naturopathic doctor

Next Step

If you are interested in setting an appointment please note the following.

Call our clinic and speak with our receptionist saying you are interested in our mold therapy treatment and we will forward our intake questionnaire as an email attachment.

Complete the questionnaire and scan and attach any lab tests you have and forward these to us in an email.

If you don’t have copies of your labs then contact your physician and have them forwarded to us or faxed to 866.293.1975.

If you do not have any labs this is OK.

When your completed questionnaire is received Dr. Haskell will usually be able to review your answers and labs within a day and will call you to explain any additional labs which would be important to have done.

Labs can be ordered through us if you prefer but we do not deal with insurance companies.

If you need a list of these recommended labs to take to your physician then be sure to take notes during this phone conversation.

If you request a list to be sent or a letter to take to a lab to see if your insurance will cover their costs then there will be a $20 fee.

Once we have all the labs requested then an initial appointment will be scheduled with Dr. Haskell.

We recommend a full hour initial appointment to cover other issues beside the mold but if you wish to have only the dark field microscope, which is typically a half hour, then this is fine.

Dr. Haskell charges by an hourly rate of $200 but if it is only the microscope the charge is $100. This more brief consultation will not cover any discussions around other issues besides what is seen under the microscope.

We Believe in Empowering Our Clients Through Education & By Providing Therapies Which Assist Their Own Innate Capacity To Heal

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