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myers IV push

Myers IV Cocktail Push

All material are sterile and single-use only.

All IV solutions are either from a compounding or a more traditional pharmacy.

The ‘push’ includes…

3-5 grams of Vitamin C

Minerals including calcium and magnesium

B vitamins with extra B5 and B6

Trace minerals including selenium

2mg of B12 which can be either mixed in the push or given IM

Requires about 15 minutes.

Cost $60


People coming in for fatigue or a flu express feeling more calm, more energetic and greater mental clarity.

They will often come each week or twice a month for continued benefits.

This is great push for those under a lot of stress. 

They may also include our glutathione push after the Myers.

We Believe in Empowering Our Clients Through Education & By Providing Therapies Which Assist Their Own Innate Capacity To Heal

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