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Nutrition: Foundation of Health

To begin to understand why we become ill we have to start somewhere back in time.

Of course the causes of our present symptoms or illness are multi-factorial meaning there has to be more than just one cause or reason.

But we have to start somewhere, which is most likely at the very beginning when the foundation of our health began to crumble.

I believe this relates primarily to nutrition and the quality of food we consumed during our earlier years, and of course the water we drank and the air we breathed…. but we’ll try to keep it simple.


Weston Price

Back in the early 20th century companies like Nabisco and Kelloggs introduced manufactured and refined foods to U.S. consumers.

Before this we were eating organic foods at home and eating out at restaurants was infrequent.

So one way to assess disease is the quality of our teeth and Dr. Weston Price, DDS, began to notice a decline in the dental health of his clients, meaning around that same time he witnessed a sudden increase of cavities in his clients and the narrowing of their dental arch leading to the crowding of teeth.

He wondered if these changes might be due to eating more of these adulterated foods and decided to investigate and compare his clients in the US with others of different cultures who were still eating locally grown organic foods.

So Price and his wife traveled around the world to isolated cultures and overall found excellent dental health and the absence of chronic disease.

Periodically they would return to these cultures and he found that as ‘Western’ foods were being introduced by missionaries and traders that negative changes in dental and physical health could be observed.

Dental carries, the narrowing of the dental arch, tuberculosis and many other chronic diseases had somehow found their way into all the cultures they revisited over the next 30-40 years.

One reason why this is such a great epidemiological study is the minimal number of variables.

Certainly these cultures were exposed to pathogens relayed from visitors from other parts of the world but the levels of environmental toxins did not, and the primary variable, being food, was what Price was most interested in.

whole food supplements

So might the underlying platform of our present ill health be the lack of nutrients we require to maintain our optimal health?


Might our cells and tissues being under nourished lead to greater susceptibility to environmental toxins and pathogens?


Might the 1st place to start with every single illness be, no matter what it is, to flood every cell and tissue with nutrients?


So how do we go about doing this?

Most of the time when people are ill they cannot digest and assimilate the food completely.

For them, digesting food has become a stress on their body.

Not only is their body starving to death slowly but has become overwhelmed with toxins, free radicals, reactive oxygen species and waste produced by their own cells.

Cell with mitochondria

And this ill condition goes deep into the core of every single cell of their body, deep into the engines (mitochondria) of the cell.

When these mitochondria lack nutrients and are bombarded by toxins and waste a wide range of symptoms are produced.

These symptoms are trying to tell us, ‘Wake Up!’

‘Feed Me!’

‘Free me from the waste and toxins within me!’

‘If you feed me and give me what I need to function then maybe I’ll have enough energy to kick out these toxins!’

So this is where most people have to start, by consuming rich organic juices part of the day to flood all the cells of the body and brain with nutrients while including some nutrient dense foods as well.

I will continue with the next section under the drop down ‘CLEANSE PROGRAMS’ and the link ‘Juicing’ or you can click ‘Juicing’ here.

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