UVLRx to kill mold in blood

UVLRx Benefits

The UV-A frequency of the UVLRx reduces pathogens including bacteria, viruses and molds in the blood.

There is an increase in the number & activity of white blood cells translating to improved immune resistance.

The red frequency decreases inflammation and increases delivery of oxygen to tissues.

The green frequency increases the membrane flexibility of red blood cells which allows easier flow of red cells into the small diameter of capillaries and thus more efficient delivery of oxygen.

uvlrx vein iv

UVLRx Instrument & Materials Used

The UVLRx is a computerized unit which calibrates the three frequencies before every session.

The fiber optic which is inserted into the vein through a soft catheter is sterile and is single use only. 

These individual fiber optic units are of the highest quality and at the same time quite costly; $60 each.

This treatment lasts an hour so the tip of the fiber optic must be kept free of sticky platelets.  Therefore sterile sodium chloride must be continuously dripped through the same catheter that holds the fiber optic.

We decided to percolate ozone through this sodium chloride to add a synergistic benefit to the therapy.

UVLRx Session

This therapy lasts an hour.

A soft catheter is inserted into the vein.

The fiber optic is inserted into this soft catheter.

The ozonated sodium chloride line is attached to the soft catheter and allowed to drip the entire hour’s treatment.

During the hour the UV-A is on for half the time.

The red frequency lasts the entire hour and the green frequency is on for the second half of the treatment.

UVLRx Cost

$160 for UVLRx

$25 for added ozone.

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