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Videos on Environmental Causes of Illness

This first section of videos focuses on environmental toxins which we are exposed to every day. 

Everyone has stored toxins in every cell of their body and brain because we have all inhabited areas of the world which are contaminated with environmental chemicals.

This is especially true of the homes we have inhabited which have their own specific fingerprint left behind by the habits of previous residents along with the history of that structure.

Unless we become more aware of our present exposure they place a constant biological and chemical burden upon our cells and our pathways of detoxification.

Symptoms are the expression of cellular dysfunction in part due to toxins which have entered deep into the cell’s most vital component, the mitochondria.

The removal of these toxins from cells must become the foundation of recovering your health.

In regards to toxin residues the recovery of your health and vitality is dependent upon the following:

  • Education, to become knowledgeable about the insidious insults in your environment.
  • Avoidance, to know where these toxins are found and what you can do to remove them.
  • Purification of toxins from your cells
  • Repair and rejuvenation of mitochondria through nutrition.

This First Section Covers the Detrimental
Effects of Plastic

Plastics & Their Effects on Humans

Increased use of plastics and their endocrine disrupting qualities are the underlying cause of many illnesses.

We continue to hope that science will find the cure (for breast cancer and many other cancers) but until we understand that one of the major causes is environmental we will never make any progress.

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Harmful Effects of Plastics Part 1

Harmful Effects of Plastics Part 2

Next We Have the Negative
Impact of Fluoride Upon Our Health

Paul Connett presents a very compelling presentation that will hopefully convince you to completely avoid the ingestion (including toothpaste) of this chemical.

Next We’ll Investigate Common Household Insults

This video covers common household chemicals.

Radon Is a Silent and Unsuspected
Uranium Insult

Mold: A Unsuspected Health Risk

Mold is everywhere but can increase to toxic levels when trapped or recirculating in our home.

Here’s Another Video on Mold

An Important Message About
Environmental Exposure History

We agree with the message of this video…but the real issue with our present medical system is that it does not have the means of correcting what we have accumulated in our total body burden of toxins.

Only through purification and detoxification can we ever hope to recover our health when our condition is due to toxicity.

Let’s Look At the Negative
Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

This first video is a 101 intro to EMFs.

Effects of EMFs on Humans

EMFs Cause Various Illnesses

Dirty Electricity Part 1

Dirty Electricity Part 2

Cell Phones

Light Bulbs

Here’s a Video About Cosmetics

This is an industry which is totally unregulated.  Everything you put on your skin and lips is absorbed into the body.

When you put on lipstick and any other cosmetic ask yourself the question, ‘Would I eat this?’

You Can Find Safe Cosmetics


Pesticides & Herbicides

Our government is not protecting us from thousands of chemicals which have never been tested for human toxicity.

We are exposed to infinitesimal doses which do accumulate in the body with subtle harmful biological effects.


Glyphosate & GMO Roundup Ready Seeds

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, is known for her research on toxicology and the effects of environmental chemicals upon human health.

The following subjects are covered.

  • Autism
  • Gut Microbes
  • 2,4-D is a component of agent orange and even more toxic than Glyphosate
  • Mammary tumors
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Reproductive problems
  • Obesity
  • Gut Permeability (Leaky Gut)
  • Methylation (MTHFR)
  • Folic Acid, Folate and GMO Foods
  • Estrogen Disruption

This Section of Videos Relates to Nutrition

One of the best global studies on the effects of ‘modern’ foods upon our health comes from Dr. Weston Price.

A Long But Important Video on Cholesterol

High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS is everywhere now and plays a major role in the epidemic of many chronic illnesses.

There’s Not Only Fructose in Fruit

Fructose becomes what in the body?  Not triglycerides!  But those are fats!

A Spoonful of Sugar

But it tastes so good and it was always served as a treat during celebrations….

Here’s a Section on Detoxification

The Juice Cleanse

Lymphatic Hydrotherapy

Drain the Swamp!

Healing Crisis

As toxic residues are released from cells and tissues we won’t feel very good but an important experience to go through if you know what to expect.

The Importance of Sleep & Recovery