Clitoris Stem Cell Therapy

Clitoris Stem Cell Therapy, or the C-Shot, regenerates thousands of sensitive nerves located in the clitoris which, when stimulated, will result in increased clitoral swelling and a full and natural orgasm.

Most women are unable to orgasm without clitoral stimulation, with the clitoris being rich in nerve endings, approximately 8,000.

Over time, these nerve endings become less sensitive with intercourse being less pleasurable.

This can negatively affect intimacy and a deeper, more satisfying relationship with one’s partner.

An orgasm should be extremely pleasurable, a rich and relaxing experience.

A lack of orgasm can be frustrating and embarrassing.

Even though the clitoris measures about 3-4 inches, the glans (head) is exposed and can easily and painlessly receive stem cells through a needless device which delivers stem cells directly into the clitoris.

Our proprietary mixture of stem cells includes DMSO to facilitate the delivery of cells throughout the entire clitoris.

Before each clitoral stem cell injection, the Bemer, both full mat and spot, opens capillary circulation systemically and locally (clitoris) to enhance the maximum delivery of stem cells to this sensitive, nerve-rich tissue.

Stem Cell Types

Stem cells can be extracted from the person from either their bone or fat.

This is a medical procedure which has it’s drawbacks; painful and the quantity and quality of cells extracted can vary depending upon the age of the person and the tissue.

They can also be extracted from what is called placenta-derived stem cells which are rich in both embryonic and mesenchymal stem cells which differentiate into all germ layers.  In other words, they can become new vibrant and vital cells depending upon where they are injected.

For the direct injection of these cells into the clitoris, this means that new clitoral nerve cells will be regenerated and renewed, renewed meaning that old clitoral nerves will become healthier and more vibrant.

Our source of umbilical cord stem cells is located in Utah, obtained from C-sections and processed within two hours, and immediately frozen to -80 decrees Celsius.  This stem cell company has the highest viability rate in the United States, meaning the highest live stem cell count.

The number of stem cells injected are 85% living which is much higher than any other supplier.

It is also important to know the source of the placenta, which is a screening process regarding the donor’s medical history and substance abuse.  Here in Utah the health of donors and the quality of stem cells is much higher than in most other parts of the United States.

Clitoral Stem Cell Therapy Cost

This is a single needleless injection of 2cc containing 5 million stem cells mixed with 0.1cc of DMSO.

The procedure requires about 20 minutes, 10 for the Bemer and 10 for the stem cell needleless injection.

There are no contraindications for this therapy, meaning there aren’t any reasons why you cannot receive this therapy.

The cost of our clitoris stem cell injection is $1,900.

If you are interested, and if you have any questions, please call our clinic.

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