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Clear offers a wide variety of IV solutions to support each person’s innate capacity to heal.

Dr. Haskell has been using IV therapies since the mid 1980s and we offer a number of IV treatments not available anywhere else in Utah.

Some IVs are nutritional while other support the body’s detoxification organs such as the liver.

Then there are ‘oxidatives’ like ultra-violet (UVLRx) and the so called Hyperbaric Ozone (Zotzmann) which reduce the body’s burden of pathogens; bacteria, viruses and mold.

We also provide two unique solutions.

One comes to us from France and is sea water (Quinton) prepared from a sophisticated cold filtration process.

The other is Nano Silver from a company in Utah called American BioTech Labs.

To learn more about each of these IVs hover your mouse over IV Solutions in the upper navigation bar and select from the IV menu.

Intravenous vitamin C

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